CEQA/NEPA Environmental Review

Prime Consultant Services


As a prime consultant, Baseline has managed preparation of numerous Initial Study/Mitigated Negative Declarations (IS/MNDs) and Environmental Impact Reports (EIRs) for a variety of major projects. When we prime CEQA projects, we focus on infrastructure capital improvement projects (e.g., tunnels, pipelines, landfill expansion, sewer system improvements), mining projects (hard rock mines and alluvial deposit operations), and hazardous materials remediation projects.  

Subconsultant Services


As a subconsultant to other consulting and planning firms, our staff of licensed professionals prepare the following technical analyses:

  • Air quality and greenhouse gases

  • Noise and vibration

  • Hydrology and water quality

  • Geology, soils, and seismicity

  • Mineral resources

  • Hazardous materials

  • Energy (in accordance with CEQA Appendix F)


Our subconsultant services are typically provided for residential, commercial, industrial, and infrastructure development projects.

Aggregate Mining – Permitting


CEQA environmental review of proposed mining projects can encounter a range of potential issues that the typical CEQA planner is not well-equipped to manage: overly steep mining slopes, hard rock blasting, excavating in groundwater, groundwater dewatering, and water use (in the era of the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act [SGMA]). These are issues better managed by a geologist, hydrogeologist, or engineer. At Baseline, our mining CEQA project managers are geologists, hydrogeologists, and/or engineers with decades of experience managing EIRs and Initial Study/MNDs for mining projects.