Baseline works throughout northern California, particularly in the Bay Area. Our CEQA team has proven expertise in infrastructure, mining, infill development, schools, and hazardous materials remediation projects. Our hazardous materials and air quality technicians specialize in a wide range of projects, and are especially experienced with transportation improvement projects.   

CEQA/NEPA Environmental Review


Baseline has been conducting CEQA/NEPA environmental analyses for over 30 years. We act both as the Prime Consultant and as a subconsultant to other firms for the analysis of environmental impacts related to air quality, greenhouse gases, hazardous materials, noise, geology, and hydrology. We focus on infrastructure capital improvement projects (tunnels, pipelines, landfill expansion, sewer system improvements), mining projects (hard rock mines and alluvial deposit operations), infill development, and hazardous materials remediation projects.

Hazardous Materials Investigations


We have conducted more than 250 Phase I/II Environmental Site Assessments and Investigations in northern California to identify and evaluate the level of risk associated with hazardous materials in soil and groundwater. We handle all aspects of the investigation, including oversight of drilling operations (when needed) and laboratory analysis of soil and water samples. We are familiar with potential contaminant sources that could affect developments in both urban and rural environments.

Air Quality Assessments


Baseline performs Air Quality Impact Assessments to evaluate emissions of criteria air pollutants, toxic air contaminants, and greenhouse gases to support environmental review of projects under CEQA/NEPA. Our staff are skilled in using quantitative air quality tools (CalEEMod and EMFAC) and air pollutant dispersion models (CALINE and AERMOD). We have experience with projects such as mixed-use high rises, roadway and highway improvements, infrastructure improvements, and school development.