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We bring experience and efficiency to every project, and we strive to build effective, long-term working relationships. We build a responsive team designed specifically for your needs and focused on your requirements. You will always have a regular and trusted point of contact throughout the complete life cycle of your project.


Baseline’s staff includes professional geologists, professional engineers, and environmental scientists. Read about our expertise and qualifications below.

Bruce Abelli-Amen
Principal/Technical Director, PG, CHg  

M.S., Geology

Bruce has been with Baseline for over 28 years and is now the managing Principal of the firm. He has managed numerous CEQA/NEPA projects (including large infrastructure and mining projects), conducted soil and groundwater quality investigations, and overseen remediation programs. He has extensive experience analyzing and resolving complex water quality and hydrogeologic challenges associated with new development and redevelopment.

Judith H. Malamut
Planning Associate, AICP 
B.S., Conservation and Resource Studies and MCP, City and Regional Planning

Judy is an environmental, city, and regional planner with over 30 years of experience managing CEQA/NEPA projects and preparing Parks, Recreation, Trails, and Open Space Plans. Her technical expertise in a wide range of land use and environmental planning projects combined with her thoughtful approach to problem-solving allows her to guide clients through the environmental  process specific to their project. 

William Scott
Senior Field Geologist, PG, CHg, CEG
B.S., Geology

Bill has been with Baseline for more than 30 years and has managed field activities for more than 150 groundwater and hazardous waste investigations and remediation projects. He also has performed mitigation monitoring for large-scale construction projects and conducted environmental audits of public and industrial facilities. He has also managed and conducted numerous environmental investigations for soil-gas, soil, and groundwater.

Redgy Ramirez
Project Engineer, PE, QSD, QSP
B.S., Civil Engineering

Redgy has been with Baseline for more than 14 years. As a field engineer and environmental monitor, he oversees the collection of environmental data and ensures projects compliance with environmental requirements. His versatility to perform both office and field tasks gives him a unique perspective and extensive knowledge that has proven to be a valuable benefit to our clients. 

Patrick Sutton
Environmental Engineer III, PE
M.S., Civil and Environmental Engineering


Patrick has over 15 years of experience specializing in the assessment, investigation, and remediation of hazardous materials released into the environment. He has prepared numerous air quality and hazardous materials assessments for major transportation, school, and in-fill development projects. His proficiency in a wide range of technical software allows him to thoroughly and efficiently assess and mitigate environmental concerns. 

Cem Atabek
Environmental Engineer III 

B.S., Environmental Engineering 

Cem Atabek is an Environmental Engineer with over 11 years of environmental consulting experience. He has managed numerous hazardous materials site assessments, investigations, and remediation, including soil gas mitigation. He also has experience conducting CEQA analyses of hazards and hazardous materials, hydrology and water quality, and geology and soils issues for a wide variety of land-use projects.

Mengzhu (Lisa) Luo
Environmental Engineer I
M.S., Civil and Environmental Engineering

Lisa joined the Baseline team in 2015. She brings with her a strong background in engineering, environmental science, and water resources. She has experience conducting CEQA analyses for noise and vibration, hydrology and water quality, and geology issues on various types of projects, including residential, mixed-use, and commercial developments, school districts, dredging projects, and levee projects.

Ivy Tao
Environmental Engineer II
PhD, Civil and Environmental Engineering

Ivy joined Baseline in 2016 after completing her doctoral degree in Environmental Engineering at University of California, Berkeley. Since then, she has prepared CEQA technical studies for air quality, greenhouse gas emissions, noise, hazardous materials, and geology for a range of projects, including urban mixed-use development and infrastructure improvement. She has expertise in air pollutant emission and dispersion models such as CalEEMod, AERMOD, CMAQ, and CALINE. 

Yilin Tian
Environmental Engineer II
PhD, Environmental Science and Engineering

Yilin recently joined the Baseline team as an Environmental Engineer II, specializing in air quality and greenhouse gas emissions analysis. Prior to joining Baseline, she worked as a postdoctoral researcher at University of California, Berkeley for 4 years. Her areas of expertise include air quality, sources and transport of pollutants in the built environment, and human exposure assessment. She is familiar with air pollution models such as CalEEMod and AERMOD, and state/local environmental regulations.

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